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Have you ever wanted to work on a yacht? Get paid to sail around the world? Get a cruise ship job? This site is a growing resource of links and information about working on boats!


I have a great deal of 3 years experience and training in this area, and believe that I would be an asset to your organization for a number of reasons:

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Professional Steward

My name is Ivyalo Marinov. I am from Bulgaria, Varna

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Environmental day trip based in Greek islands needs skipper / guide for summer 2008

We run day trips based from the greek island of Kefalonia on a traditional wooden boat.

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Looking for work from anytime between May 24th 2008 - Aug 1, 2009 on a sailboat

I want to work on a sailboat doing whatever is available.

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Fluent French/English California Grad

Fresh college grad looking for a summer job!

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Hemingway did it, I want to do it again.

I set out on adventurous travels about three years ago. Backpacking solo through India, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and France. My time has come once more.

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I will be in Panama in April and May and I would like to find work on a boat to return to Mexico or the US. I could leave from Costa Rica also.

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Looking for a Stewardess or a Chief Stewarderss Job


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Headed north up the ICW

Need one or more congenial crew, male or female. Mainly you just need to know a few knots. I cook, but you can too. This is not much of a paying job. But the experience and adventure . . .

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Looking for work out of Costa Rica

2 people living in costa rica, looking to work on a boat in exchange for a ride down to south america or another favorable destination. Both have experience on boats, fast learners.

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